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This is one of those rare films that is really hard to review because it was so wickedly captivating, exhilarating, an enigma of technical cinematic prowess. I found myself stunned for most of it and a few times forgot to breath. Even the slightly calm lulls would give you an uneasy feeling. For those that maybe don’t know, this film is edited to feel like it was shot in one take. Now I was able to spot a few clever ones and an obvious one in middle of 2nd act but then stopped caring, it is still nothing short of an astonishing achievement. Sure Birdman was the last feature length film to do it but it wasn’t to this scale and it didn’t have to painstakingly replicate war torn areas of France in both real and CG in post for some more distant backgrounds. What wracked my brain the most this entire film wasn’t the brilliant acting or the deadly quest the two soldiers embark on, it was the damn camera work. Holy shit the camera work... it is down right exquisite, a sight to behold. The whole movie is on a wide steady cam and my eyes start to water (can’t blink) because I’m in awe of it tracking perfectly, moving around the actors fluidly following them into trenches, in fields, through people and we’re talking shots that will last 15-20 mins it is absolutely mind boggling. Are they using a telescoping crane, tracking dolly, friggin Drones... Odin’s beard I must know this Sam Mendes!?! Organic backgrounds with probably hundreds of extras most likely acting out their character even when the camera doesn’t get to their area yet. This is seriously the best shot film of 2019 (it had a limited release in late Dec so technically 19) nay one of the best shot films I’ve EVER seen. If this film doesn’t win an Oscar for Best Cinematography I will post a video of me flipping a table of random shit, seriously. The Director Sam Mendes already won a Globe for best Director beating out legends in the industry and now I know why. There is an immersion like no other because with the shots continuously going you feel like your part of these guys, following them around or hanging over their shoulder like a 3rd person video game. The sound mixing is on point perfect. The musical score only came in at certain points otherwise it was pure ambiance of the setting to further engross you. We saw this in Dolby and man was it perfect. I want to see this again, maybe in IMAX this time. You will not be disappointed with this film, if you want an experience you won’t forget watch the hell out of this and remember to blink once and a while and breathe.


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