Ad Astra: Quick review

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Much in the vain of great films like 2001 Space Odyssey or Interstellar, this film uses amazing visuals and hypnotic ambient sound effects and music to really drive home the beautiful nature of space as well as it’s deadliness. To date this is one of Brad Pitts best acted roles, though strictly disciplined mission dedicated/wooden is his character he explains his emotion through his eyes, you see the inner conflict trying to break through that wall of willpower he has. This film could be in a more hard science genre meaning that the details and technology used in the movie is possible in the near future, some of it exists even now. But for now it’ll just remain as SciFi. One of my favorite things about the film is that the entirety is spent off Earth save for just 10 or 15 min in the beginning to get narrative and motive in motion. The plot isn’t complex sure but when you throw ‘space’ into it all of a sudden it becomes a whole new beast. Now there are a few parts that may seem like a slow burn but the pay off is predictable but worth it. This style of film has depth or makes you think, your average movie goer just looking to be purely entertained and check their brain at the door may think its a tad boring but there are plenty of thrilling action/adventure scenes. Overall I really enjoyed it loved the detail, visuals, music and actors. Pacing and a few overly long shots made to look more poignant were on the con side. I suspect Pitt could get an Oscar nomination as well as the musical score and sound editing. Maybe visual effects, I guess we’ll see.


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