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The headline says it all, I spent a small portion of the film trying to figure out what exactly it was trying to be as well as the film itself trying to figure it out also (technically it’s a Quinn movie since the team up happens late). I went into this with low expectations because the trailers were fairly cringe and you really have to check your comic book knowledge at the door. When I see David Ayer’s name attached as a producer it starts to worry me, I have to question how much creative slack Director Cathy Yan had when style and production start to approach Suicide Squad territory. Yes it did, except with injected back story in the middle of major action sequences, some of them quite long with narration from Quinn. I don’t mind it but it happens too often in odd spots. There is a lot going on and at times feels like 4 movies all happening or crammed in at once. There is no doubt that Robbie is a perfect Harley Quinn and she nails it, finally her character gets to flex some knowledge from her past profession in spurts, also tip of the hat to her doing a lot of her own stunts and fight scenes, bravo. The rest of the cast is well... ok, I’m indifferent. Too much to cover in very little time so just kind of had to roll with it. The one that fell flat for me was Cassandra Cain, that was a big head scratch but again check that comic nerd shit at the door man. The big bad here is Black Mask who in the comics is a fairly generic villain, not much personality. But here McGregor must have just winged it and gave him some weird zany profoundly sick personality, oddly he actually got more laughs out of me than anything else in the movie. Having another Batman villain, Victor Zsasz in this to me was pointless, didn’t care for him. Like the film already has enough crazy people in it they didn’t need this one at all. The film really does dive into cartoon/video game territory, characters just do whatever they want, most of them have superhuman durability (or Plot armor if you prefer), goofy screen captioning, 4th wall gets broken here and there. I mean Quinns first appearance was the Animated Series comic book so hell why not. The writing here is better (than you know what) and score always upbeat and energetic. I can’t say this was a bad or good movie, for me I’m just going to stick with indifferent. I have to admit that the action scenes are what really shines, they are creative, well lit and shot with wide angles. Sure I was confused at the start, shoot I was confused during the DC opening scrawl after the WB sign flashes because I’m still in disbelief that I’m about to watch a movie with Jokers animated sidekick and not any of the other major comic characters *cough* John Stewart GL*cough* Flash... etc etc. My confusion dissipated after the first act then just mutated to “eh whatever”.


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