Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Shaw - Quick review

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This is one of the very few franchises that seems to have transcended itself and the very genre it used to occupy. Now I don’t know what the hell that it is, do I care? Hell no, the shit is bonkers, preposterous, ridiculous to the point where a few of my brain lobes may have deflated from molecular destabilization... but it’s beyond entertaining and pure fun at its finest. What we were expecting to be a fairly typical Fast & Furious film it was totally not, it managed to balance A LOT more comedy into action than any other movie that I can think of at the moment. I literally laughed out loud on a consistent basis during this. Hell even the action will make you laugh, they somehow managed to channel some of the way Jackie Chan would infuse comedy into action scenes, I can’t believe I’m even invoking the Legendary Jackie Chan when explaining a movie within this franchise! I must be crazy... screw you I’m not, just enjoying the ride no matter how insane it is. This odd couple is like the pinnacle of odd couples and they show it perfectly. The movie goes the extra mile by adding in like a cameo third wheel odd threesome (in a few very unexpected scenes), like the director just had to set another bar higher where there was no bar for or that anyone asked for. Dwayne Johnsons charm is just too much for this industry to handle, seriously I would love to see him sign on to a shitty movie, not even have any lines for no reason really and he’d make it awesome by default. He is one of the few actors today with the Midas touch or presence. This film was so stupefyingly entertaining that I would have stayed and watched it again, easily. They could have made this longer, I would have loved to see a little bit more play out with his daughters subplot instead of the short clip at the end and the possible future relationships emerging between certain characters. There are two extra scenes mid credits and post credits, both are totally worth it and hilarious to stay for. Damn this movie is crazy stupid fun, go see immediately. (Originally written 15 Aug 2019)


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