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You would think that just by the very subject of this film that stereo-typically it possibly could be rather mundane... well it is far from that my friends. This will more than satisfy the big car buffs with mechanical detail orientated knowledge as well as the car lament who knows nothing at all. James Mangold (Logan) kills it from start to finish. He could direct a 2 hour film about me writing this dumb ass post and make it feel powerfully epic. This is probably the best racing orientated film I’ve ever seen, nay I’ll just come out and say that it is the best race film I’ve ever seen. Powerful performances from everyone hell even the extras should get awards and bonuses. Christian Bale is the stand out chewing up every scene he’s in but Matt Damon also owns it as Shelby. For a rather long film it doesn’t feel like it with it’s excellent pacing, they manage to cram quite the US history lesson into this as well as make it exciting and interesting. The cinematography is exquisite and they are going very practical with special effects only a handful of shots were CG that I could tell or they really are just that good. All the shots are nice and wide you can see everything going on. Music was hitting in all the right spots to build great tension even among all the sweet sounds of engines roaring and gears shifting, they accommodated each other perfectly. I’m glad we got to see this in Dolby Cinema, the enhanced sound made it all the more gripping and keeps your face stuck to that screen like a 9 year old to Youtube. A must see, I’d go see it again honestly. Hell it might be the first Racing movie I’ll buy. Yes, I own Fast and the Furious but that doesn’t count sorry.


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