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You know you might have a movie problem when you’re the only one that wants to see Frozen 2 in the family and I’ve resorted to bargaining with my daughter to come see it with me.
Me: Wanna go see Frozen 2?
Her: Ehhhhhhhhh Not rea...
Me: Panda Express?
Her: Yea ok.
This is to avoid being the 6 foot 3 bearded guy sitting alone in Frozen 2 but I had a plan B and that is bring a small notepad, dress a little nicer to look like some lame ass movie reviewer that is 3 weeks late because it is the lesser evil here people. In this second installment of a Billion dollar juggernaut it was executed really well. I liked the main plot line (very strong story) and the sisters quest to fix an age old issue while uncovering truths along the way, peppered with some action and cleverly written songs to obviously push the narrative. I get that this is a musical and exposition is done in song form as well but there was once or twice I wished there was a longer break between a few of them. Surprisingly Olaf (Josh Gad) gets more screen time and lines which was welcomed because he was great in this, it’s like having Rose at the Golden Girls kitchen table when they are having cheesecake, something weird is bound to be said. My only gripe is this side plot with Kristoff clumsily needing to ask Anna something and you’ll feel like punching him in the face the whole time... but aside from that everything else was quite fine. The animation was flawless and visuals eye candy as always, especially showcasing Elsa powers growing stronger over time becoming the Omega level Mutant we all knew she would be. I dare say that I enjoyed this one more than the first and that’s a good thing to hear. This ended on a pretty solid note so I’m curious where the lore might go in the future... clearly to make another billion+ dollars of course. This train isn’t stopping anytime soon. What the hell I’ll still climb aboard.


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