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Well now we are into our 2nd... err 3rd? Another Jumanji installment of this hapless franchise and I’m not going to lie but the first one (non-Robin Williams one) I liked and was really entertaining. Entirely because the cast has good chemistry and they are well liked, I mean just having Dwayne Johnson in the film immediately drops undergarments of men and women alike but that is already common knowledge no need to tread further. When I saw the trailer to the sequel I was hesitant because man what I was thinking was,”will this test my patience as to how long can I take The Rock acting like Danny DeVito?” Eeeehhhhhh... it lasts longer than I was expecting, was quite annoying but it toned down as the film went on. The start of the film was a bit rocky failing to really pull the attention of the audience in, first 15 min of the movie and all you hear are kids legs wiggling like their trapped in a ball pit. Even I’m like, ‘OK come on shift into 2nd gear here movie’, and bam we’re in the game and the ball starts rolling. The plot is a pretty typical generic one, get the thing from the game boss back to it’s original thing shenanigans ensue, just like an old game. It takes a little bit for the characters to really identify and they spend entirely too much time bitching about their avatars, Jack Black doing his best to impersonate 20 something year old Dr Dre was not very funny at all. The musings between Rock and Hart got less cliche but you just have to endure them asking the same things over and over again, you know because that’s an old person cliche. I’d have to say that in the action sequences they were really well shot and entertaining, wide angles. Heavy hitting sound no complaints there. Musical score was eh, just there, didn’t stand out or anything it was ok. I thought a cool idea to try was to add some randomly immersive old school 8 bit sound effects into place would be fun but alas, only in my head. I think the writing in this one was of a lower standard than the first, something was just off about it. A lot of jokes fell flat, there’s a testicle joke thrown in and it was so weird and out of place even I started to look around like, what? Think of that famous GIF of Captain Picard facepalming, yea that was me in my chair. All in all it was an ‘ok’ film, mildly dumb but entertaining. I really wanted to see more Rhys Darby the NPC guy that helps them, I love him, that guy just gives scenes an alluring energy, they should have killed off all of Jack Blacks lives and had him replaced with Darby’s NPC, everyone that plays video games knows how funny it can be when you have a AI player with you, glitchy, stupid and random. Oh the ideas are endless, big opportunity missed there. 🤔


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