Once Upon a Time In Hollywood: Quick review

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Obviously if your a Tarantino fan you’re going to like/love this film. It clocks in at 2 hrs 45 min but is paced well enough to not feel like it at all. The details of the time period are great capturing a bustling late 60's era Hollywood with Rick (Leo) and Cliff (Brad) navigating a rocky career path. Tarantino creates a fairy tale re-imagining of a few real life happenings with a very brutal but satisfying payoff. The dialogue is great, typical Tarantino, always an edge or sense of thrill to it. The cast is amazing even that little girl that was with DiCaprio on the western set, they both had this really long scene with no cuts at least 5+ mins and she nailed it like a pro. They had some really cool effects with the merging of Rick Dalton showing up in other old films. There’s these really funny cut aways during certain explanations of a scene or a job that Rick has done which helped keep things light and paced well. There are a few very long shots of Cliff just driving around a lot, I’m not sure if that was intentional and meant something but it was a tad excessive. The music was great of course only an idiot can screw up picking out songs of that era to put in the film. I would give this a watch again, all the characters are engaging and interesting. Give it a watch when you get a chance, totally worth it. (Written originally 15 Aug 2019)


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