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This is the last film I wanted to see that was on the 2019 Best Picture list, now I see why the hype about seeing this was true. I can’t really think of any other movie that I can reference or compare this too, sure there are elements but this is a very original take and fresh. I’m glad I only saw the teaser for this and didn’t know anything other than it looked like a con-artist movie. Yea that is partially true to an extent. It really did go deep into symbolism with a hint of irony in some spots. The films narrative is allegory for class/wealth divide in society as well as the careful camera shots that will provide important details but not in a way to make the audience feel like dumb asses. The acting is superb, a very strong cast here. They are perfect and are extremely engaging, rarely if any dull moments. Joon Ho likes to use repeat castings so you’ll recognize some of the actors here from his other films, a lot more directors are doing that more these days like Taika Waititi, Tarantino (well he’s always done it actually) and James Gunn etc. But that shows trust and it pays off in the end product. Ok, keeping this short because I almost don’t trust myself to keep this spoiler free so gonna wrap this up. The writing is excellent, editing is on point and that damn music score seems to change and transitions to fit each scenario perfectly. I’m glad I got to see this in the theater and was honestly shocked at the amount of people in the theater when this movie came out a while ago and is already available for home release. I thought I’d be the only one in there. Anyways, great film and definitely one of the best films of 2019, if it wins an Oscar for Best Picture I wouldn’t be surprised honestly.


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