Rambo Last Blood: Quick review

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You’re probably thinking to yourself, “why is this movie even getting made?”. I guess Stallone wanted closure on the character/series, it was funded by him. I went into this expecting the worst and I was mostly right but partially wrong. When you’re 35-40 mins into the movie and sitting through scene upon scene of exposition you start to worry, I actually looked at my phone to check how long it has been since it started and that is not a good sign. Look, its RAMBO for shits sake... his name is always in CapsLock, we don’t care what his motives are just the mention of his name should cause some bad guy to drop dead somewhere. The plot is too basic and after the first 15 mins of the movie starting I already knew exactly how the movie was going to play out... and I was right. This movie needed a small action appetizer for the intro, like a foreshadowing, sort of like Breaking Bad style to just slap you in the face and tell you to get ready for some shit to go down. Hell most audiences have been trained by Marvel films from their chair gripping opening sequences to get your attention, RAMBO really needed something like this. So aside from all that I’d say that 75% of the movie was ‘meh’, the remaining 25% was like shocking entertainment. His first bad guy interaction scene is what really woke me up, made my jaw drop a bit. Much like the previous RAMBO they did not wuss out on the gore and brutality, it really turned into Home Alone but rated R/NC-17 for violence. Seriously I verbally let out an “Oh damn” at a few parts, so I have to give the film props for getting a rare reaction out of me. The action is done well with good angles and full shots so you can see the carnage, a few too many face close ups that happen for some reason. Dialogue was typical, never noticed the music score till the end. It’s late so wrapping this up, I guess my disappointment is that it didn’t really become a RAMBO movie until the last 20-25 mins which is a shame that it was paced like that because that ending was pretty amazing but I don’t think that alone would warrant the cost of a ticket sorry (I have the AMC pass so it really didn’t cost me anything to see it). My advice would be Red Box it or wait for digital release.


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