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Well who would of thought even though, 1. This movie seems 30 years late. 2. Taking a gamble with the hybrid CG live action. 3. the first character design was atrocious. 4. we are seeing a Sonic the Hedgehog movie before a Flash film... and they ended up being able to pull off an actually decent entertaining flick. props to Paramount for listening to criticism and making the changes to be closer to his original game look, it really does make a lot of difference. I mean prior to the redesign I wasn’t even going to see it, had a big ‘nope’ sign on its head. The story is pretty basic Sonic was sent to Earth to hide and is discovered by local law enforcement, Gov’t catches wind and sends the Doctor to investigate. James Mardsen plays the straight man with a happy optimistic attitude with a dash of savior complex, he was good in the role didn’t mind it at all. Jim Carrey is basically an evil version of Ace Ventura here and it was kind of expected due to trailers, Carrey in this case is full on 1990's Jim Carrey and over the top which is pretty much how the character he is portraying is. Of course the star of the movie Sonic was well voice acted, at times I would hear a little Deadpool a’ la Ryan Reynolds in his jokes/sarcasm but overall really like him. The visual effects and camera shots were great you can see everything happening with wide angles and they surprisingly didn’t over do it with the slo-mo gag. I like when I go into a film with low expectations and am proven wrong, it is really fun for kids to watch, has high energy with the pacing. The screenplay is also well written to where it’s not dumb’d down for kids and treats them like idiots or the audience as a whole. It has that cheese factor but just the right kind. With enough universal humor for even adults to laugh at, hell the turtle scene was gold and even I got a big chuckle out of that. Nostalgia is strong also with this character so I can imagine that this movie will crush Birds of Prey or any other movie coming out this weekend. Even though the movies general plot takes a different direction at the beginning of the film I imagine that the story that we got teased at the start will somehow be resolved or explored in another movie. Maybe a full CG movie from Sonic’s world? I don’t know, but the Box Office results will be the one to tell honestly. Good family movie, was energetic and surprisingly entertaining. I’m still in a bit of shock writing this... a Sonic movie and it wasn’t bad? Huh...


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