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Well it has been a long journey for the saga and I for one am glad that the saga is finished, I do say that with love and respect of course. When RotJ came out in 1983, Lucas sat on the film aspect of the lore letting it stagnate till 1999. People like his daughter and Dave Filoni who both worked on Clone Wars and Rebels TV shows, Marvel doing really well told stories in the comics with new characters, Timothy Zahn or Drew Karpyshyn with their amazing novels and the countless video games most of them really good (Knights of the Old Republic or Rogue Squadron etc). They are the ones that kept the lore living, expanding... interesting. These are the people that have been making it work for years but creative control for the films were not in the hands of said people who had the bold and new ideas. Was Rise of Skywalker a well crafted film? Most definitely. Is it action packed and entertaining? Well of course it’s friggin Star Wars, more ‘pew pewing’ all over the place, lasers and ships go boom! Was the film bold and daring in its decision making? Sadly no, they played it very safe with the story and recycled too many already used plot lines from previous episodes. The film was entirely too predictable and a lot of forced fan service. J.J. Abrams (honestly it probably was not his decision either) played it safe with this one so they could make like a vampire and suck it dry, instead of blood it’s clearly the dolla dolla bills yall. Look, my Star Wars knowledge can hang with even some of the nerdiest SW nerds, I played the games even raided end game content in the MMO Old Republic which goes so deep with SW lore it spans back 3-5000 yrs and some 20,000 years (Infernal One’s species, Rakata) or more, read the old and new Marvel comic series(Vader and Doctor Aphra) and read 5+ of the Novels (Darth Bane, Revan & Thrawn). The amount of story telling here is incalculable, endless ideas many are very bold and take risk but pay off, so I’m a little sad when it becomes bland and is just enough to meet the status quo. So yes as a shitty amateur hobbyist film critic I liked the film as a whole, it’s flexing technical prowess of effects, sound design and musical score. But the Star Wars nerd/lover in me says that it was just more of the same and was very predictable. I’m glad the Skywalker story can (sort of) end, and we can move on to new characters and original stories. Hell the Mandalorian is proof that it can work great production quality and feels fresh, nothing but praise for that series. Sorry I digress, I’d love to go into detail on the film but it would require spoiling some things so send me a message or something and we can discuss. Their future line up looks promising, they are getting some of the lead figures from Marvel to assist like Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau to hit Stars Wars Cinematic Universe with the proverbial defibrillator paddles... CLEAR!


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