Stuber: Quick Review

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I’m kind of glad going into this not knowing too much other than what the trailer shows. The normal trailer made it seem fairly generic and I wasn’t that interested in seeing it, but then I saw the Red Band trailer and was sold better. It really ended up being a better small road trip odd-couple comedy more so than an action/comedy movie which worked just fine. I got really annoyed when they have a great setup and opening to the film with an action sequence only for it to be ruined with really bad shaky cam that looked like the camera man was on crack running back and forth with jitters, shit was driving me crazy. This was not a good first impression to make in the first 10 mins, I was starting to get Jason Bourne flashbacks rubbing my temple with my fingers. Then Stu gets on and the comedy starts to flow achieving a decent rhythm, as well as when the two meet. The personality conflicts play off each other great, so things really started to get better, I was able to forgive the shaky cam nonsense. The plot is predictable but the shenanigans they get into was entertaining and creative. There was a running handicap on one of the main characters that went on longer than I thought they’d do but it was the justification of the pairing. Really the writing shines in this the rest is just par for the course. Fight scenes needed a lot more polish and felt lazy. I’d say that this is one of those movies that is good enough to see in the theater or just wait to Red Box/steam it when available. Fine either way.


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