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A much welcomed change of pace after the slog that was 3 From Hell I just watched a bit ago... ugh, seriously. What an excellent entertaining action film delivered by trusted director Tim Miller, definitely some serious eye candy going on here. Everything happening on screen is noticeable with wide shots and there is rarely a dull moment. The pacing was done just right and I was surprised at just how long some of the action sequences were lasting which was a pure joy. Fight choreography was quite exquisite, physical hits and gunshots all had serious heft to them and power. Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton really steal the show as they should, portrayed as proper bad asses. Even Arnold shines just not like the others, but that was on purpose. Despite the film having such a serious doom and gloom feel, there was very clever humor peppered in. There were only like 2 or 3 cheesy fan service parts but it wasn’t drawn out or annoying, just enough to scratch that itch. The music hits really hard in the right scenarios and has that nostalgic feel from previous films. Now I really only have like one complaint... well maybe two. The main plot of the film is basically the same as T2, somebody sent back in time to protect very important person from killer robot. Now in the case of this film there is some ‘retcon’ going on that creates a paradox within its own lore but I will not say anything because it could be considered a spoiler. It would have been nice to see something a little different happen much in the vein of the Salvation movie which attempted to do in this franchise. Second, there is a lot of CG use here, there are some unbelievably crazy spectacles of action sequences that start to enter that uncanny valley territory, kinda yanks you out of immersion. But it was so entertaining that I really didn’t care. I would give this another watch, thoroughly enjoyed it.


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