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Well that answered my question, what question dare you ask? Well, why did they use an all CG dog, it’s pretty clear that majority of the movie would have been quite impossible due to the content of the action sequences not to mention the risk of harm to animals and the wrath of the Humane Society. One could compare this to the amazing movie on Disney+: Togo with Willem DeFoe which used real unbelievably trained animals but yea that was a much linear story without a lot of complex action, twists and turns like this one has. Sure in Call of the Wild you get a little bit of uncanny valley at first but you get used to it quickly and are able to look past it because of the adventurous and heartfelt story unfolding. All the animals are CG, the most impressive being the bear and the wolves, those were insanely well done. Jack London’s classic novel adapted, perfectly narrated by Ford, the entire film is basically from Bucks perspective which I really loved he was the star of the film. Granted I haven’t read the book since probably middle school I don’t remember it being well... this epic and badass. Has a solid cast with Ford putting out a strong performance even though he is only in half the movie. Another stand out performances by the two lovable mail carriers, Omar Sy and Cara Gee (who I love in the show The Expanse) play polar opposites but have good chemistry. CG is top notch all the action is shot with wide angles, great camera work. The pacing keeps you invested there are really no lulls to be had here. I have to say that I’m really surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie, it is a pure adventure and fun. Perfect family film, there are a few scenes that get pretty intense between human and animal alike so depends on the kid watching I suppose, just a heads up. Definitely worth a watch in theater or when it comes to home release.


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