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Guy Ritchie’s films are known for their expeditiously sophisticated story telling, mixed with an ensemble cast all playing an eccentric character along with some hard hitting action. He does not disappoint with this one. I’d have to say this is my favorite of his films by far. Revolves around one simple plot element, a major Cannabis syndicate boss (McConaughey) wants to retire with his also powerful wife (Michelle Dockery) and sell his business... chaos ensues around it becoming a complex game of who can outwit who. I loved everyone in their respective roles, Hugh Grant was amazing as the investigative journalist recounting his epic tale which is the movie you watch. Hunnam is a pillar holding so much together. Colin Ferrell as the Coach (Fighting) working his way out of a bad situation, perfection! Man I would hate to of seen a storyboard of this, it would look like some crazy astrophysicists scrawled formulas and equations trying to solve String Theory. There are a lot of moving parts so getting up to hit the bathroom mid film might cost you a bunch of details. The film is definitely self aware and knows when to be witty with humorous seriousness to some really strong acted scenes by McConaughey where he was straight up terrifying. There’s a great tension in the business dealings mixed with some very witty word play and sharp insults. The writing was definitely a highlight of the movie, a great balance of sarcasm and professional conduct. The action is well shot, there isn’t a ton because this movie focuses on the storytelling instead. The score is upbeat and keeps the movie driving forward quickly but slows down when a scene needs build up. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and was very entertaining. Fans of Ritchie films will love it, normal movie goers unfamiliar with his style may or may not be entertained. Regardless, I’d say that this is totally worth a watch in the theater.


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