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Since January and early February seem to be dumping grounds for Horror films at least in the theater. I saw this film on Netflix and added it to my list for later like the other 100 damn things on there I will watch eventually I suppose. My streaming watchlist is starting to look like my Steam library of games. So I watched it tonight because a ton of websites can’t stop talking about it in headlines. I’ll have to admit that all the headlines I saw are right. This really is the best horror/thriller film I’ve seen this year nay it’d be in my top ten easily for the past decade. I’d have to say that it is more of a suspenseful psychological thriller with very grim/horror elements. The whole movie revolves around a prison or holding facility that is a LOT of floors deep and one platform of gourmet food starts from the top going down stopping at each floor for what seems to be about 1 min. Now just from that explanation you can imagine just how much crazy shit can happen and the sheer testing of human will power under such extreme circumstances, there’s even a small lesson to be learned in kindness and courtesy. Some maintain their humanity and some lose it. Now the film is from Spain and it is better watched in it’s original language so that the acting/dialogue comes through more solid. I can’t stand bad English dubbing, sometimes the voice actors can’t match the level of emotion being displayed on screen. Bottom line it can make a really well done movie look bad. The acting is amazing the music has this eerie unsettling feel to it all the time. The cinematography is tight and purposeful, everything is so grimy that you feel like you need to shower after watching it. I was getting this uneasy but anxious feeling every time that platform moves, I’ve not watched something this powerful that can invoke those senses and that, has made me absolutely love this film. If you are a fan of the genre then this is a must to behold. I highly recommend this film because damn... it is grim story telling perfection.


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