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This film is quite the roller coaster of nerve wracking anxiety specifically designed to make you feel like you’re in the shoes of the titular manic lead character Howard, played brilliantly by Adam Sandler. Man I haven’t seen him go all in on a character like this since Reign Over Me or Funny People, seriously this is by far his best performance to date. He plays a compulsive gambling jewelry store owner with an enormous amount of pressure cooking all around his terrible personal/professional decision making. Lakieth Stanfield is excellent as the assistant/middle man to famous B-Baller Kevin Garnett who’s called KG a million times. Hell even KG is great in this, yea he is playing himself but like an alternate reality version of himself. Shoot, the entire supporting cast was excellent. There’s a visceral or guerrilla style to the camera work, it flows with the movement of the characters and reacts accordingly to specific moments like close ups or objects of importance. The stand out part of the film that perplexed me is the dialogue and script, I swear the lines (if there are any) are spoken in such an organic manner that you become immersed. Like these guys are just winging it and shooting the shit like old friends. It’s chaotic and people talking over one another, I swear a lot of this just can’t be scripted. It’s like the Director just said, ‘ok guys, here is the plot device to talk around and were gonna just roll cameras sit back and see what happens’. The pacing is quick, there is rarely a lull anywhere, you’re constantly barraged by additional pressures involved with his life. Immersion is a key word here the actors are not covered in make up and look fake or saved by special filters and lighting. Everyone looks real, sweaty, uneasy and grimy. Like you feel like you need to take a shower watching this, which is fine then because it’s doing its job right. The music was this weird late 70s early 80s synth pop that was eerie enough to add to the building tension of scenes, it complimented the craziness going. This movie does clock in at about 2 hours, it probably could have been cut short a little but it covered enough content to avoid having too many questions at the end. I highly recommend this film and can see it getting some Oscar Nominations in the near future.


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