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Re-watching the first Zombieland reminded me why it was such a fresh face in what started to become an over-saturated sometimes stale genre. There are so many ‘horror’ movies with zombies that nobody says that anymore they just say I’m going to watch a ‘zombie’ movie, hence it is it’s own genre. Nothing of substance or quality has come along since Shaun of the Dead (Walking Dead is the exception) till Zombieland hit in 2009. It still holds up, great characters, creative visual effects integrated with action, comedy and jokes were all timed perfectly. Tension in unexpected places, deeper character development that gets explained in a prompt manner. Everything just fit. Seen it multiple times. So I was going into Zombieland: Double Tap with rather middle to high expectations and ultimately I’m on the fence and indifferent to the outcome. Rather than try some new ideas they followed the first films formula a little too much. The original four pick up their characters easily like they never left them though somewhere in the middle of the film their chemistry began to become a tad dull with some jokes and humor that just didn’t land or warrant any laughs from the audience, which is bad because every theater usually has “that one guy” who just laughs at anything, well not at this showing I guess. It almost felt like the Director was doing the first act and then someone else did the second, not sure how else to explain it, there was a massive loss of momentum in story. There was a very non-subtle homage to Shaun of the Dead which lasted longer than I expected, they managed to introduce 2 new characters that become beyond annoying and you’ll start to grind your teeth while this person talks. I don’t know if there was meaning to it or the creator thought it was relevant humor? Well it wasn’t. Rosario Dawson was awesome and I wanted more of her, the movie needed so much more of her. I love the rules appearing on the screen in clever ways like the first film but they started to over do it. They shot this excellent action scene where it was edited to look like one continuous shot, very seamless transitions and it was quite intense. It made my face light up with glee. Action sequences done with nice wide angles so you can see everything going on, not a whole lot of close up crap or shaky cam. Once things changed gears and went into the 3rd act everything felt very rushed like they were short on time or the film had to be under a strict running time. Now the first movie kept itself rather grounded in reality with practical kills and believable stunts, man not this one. They started to approach Fast and the Furious levels of crazy at the end. One stunt made me say, ‘oh come on’ out loud then I laughed at its ridiculousness. The music was good but expected because it was like the first one. Sound editing and effects were awesome, everything was crunchy and gross... I like it. Overall it was theater worthy and entertaining in most regards. I probably won’t watch it again but hey that’s my opinion, this guy from a different showing coming down the escalator was like “man that was awesome, so damn funny” this was his retort to me giving a long sigh and a “eehhhhhhhhh” to Mark prior, I replied that it was good but I felt a lot of the jokes fell flat, it was just not achieving that ‘great’ status like I’d hoped it would in my eyes. There is a fabulous mid credit scene that really made me start to question a lot of things, you’ll know when you see it.


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